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Low back pain and neural mobilization physiotherapy

Mr. Hossain (not real name), a 34 years old gentleman, works in an insurance company for the last 5 years. Suddenly a year ago he had a severe lower back pain with tingling and numbness at the right leg and was diagnosed as a case of Prolapsed Lumbar Intervertebral Disc (PLID) which was advised for surgery. Immediately after surgery the pain reduced but the patient was still feeling abnormal sensation (tingling and numbness) in his right leg.

However, like Mr. Hossain there are many cases that are suffering and moreover, not getting a proper solution. This condition is often called Adherent Nerve Root where the nerve comes out of the spinal column that adhered to something and is not moving properly. So during his movement the nerve gets tension and causes pain or other symptoms.

Adherent nerve roots happen frequently after a spinal surgery because all the scar tissue might trap the nerve; so the scar tissue should be broken up and thus will mobilise the nerve. Neural mobilisation is a special technique and applied by a specialist manual physiotherapist to treat such problems.

What is Neural Mobilisation?

Neural mobilisation is a gentle movement technique used by physiotherapists to move nerves. Specific gentle movements of nerves stimulate the blood supply to the nerve. It loosens the scar tissue between the nerve and its adjacent tissues. This treatment relieves pain and restores functional movement. The following are common syndromes that impede a nerve’s movement and can be benefited by neural mobilisation physical therapy:

Spinal pain (back pain, neck pain)

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Piriformis syndrome

Ankle sprain

Plantar fasciitis

Key Message

The concept of neurodynamics or neuromobilisation is originally based on the research by physiotherapists and is widely used treatment concept in the developed nations. Hence the manual therapy physiotherapists in Bangladesh are practicing this specialised method and patients are getting benefits.

The writer is a neurodynamic specialist and clinical physiotherapist by
Zahid Bin Sultan
Consultant Physiotherapist
Center for Physiotherapy & Mobility

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